O&M photovoltaic parks

The operation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks are actions carried out by our engineers and electricians, who are accustomed to these delicate and sometimes dangerous activities, which become risk-free when the staff knows and understands the field well enough.

The maintenance programme

Transformers maintenance

  • Our engineers and electricians are qualified to work and repair transformer stations. A complex activity that requires a high level of technical knowledge and practical experience.

Inverters maintenance

  • We follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the precise service calendar, to ensure continuous operation of all its components. We inspect the circuit breakers and fuses, check discharges, clean the ventilation system, perform internal maintenance and much more. We are also in constant contact with the manufacturer for inverter software updates.

Annual inspections

  • We check the main system operations, the safety measures, the fire prevention system, and we update documentation. A general report is generated on this occasion; it presents the encountered problems along with solution proposals. Checks of the system’s electrical values are made in compliance with EN 62446: 2000 and HD 384 standards. Finally, all substructures are analysed in accordance with Eurocodes 1,2 and 3.

Location maintenance

  • Maintaining fauna and flora at a low level has a direct positive effect on the efficiency of the park.
  • Moreover, maintaining clean panels increases productivity by over 3%.

Photovoltaic power plant optimization

Photovoltaic power plant construction

TUV Hellas Certification

The monitoring system

  • Through continuous monitoring of the system, our specialists are able to prevent and correct possible errors and immediately intervene even before they occur. We can thus adapt prevention plans to specific needs.
  • We also generate analytical reports for our clients regarding the actual production, efficiency, and profit.
  • Online access allows customers to see production data in relation to weather conditions.

Permanent presence of an electrician in the park.

  • What sets us apart from other similar companies is that we take care of your investment as if it were ours. Seeing as we have specialized onsite personnel 365 days a year, we eliminate any risk that eludes the monitoring system, thus taking our maintenance strategy to the next level.

Thermal camera

  • Solar panels are the most expensive component of a solar park. By investing in extending their lifespan, the profitability of the investment increases. Thermal cameras prevent and discover any existing malfunctions. Moreover, by analysing the inverters and cables with thermal cameras, we can predict future malfunctions and we can accurately locate internal errors.

Performance optimization

  • Iliotomi provides qualified staff throughout the year, thus ensuring that the production downtime is minimal
  • Monitoring always allows us to prevent and correct possible errors
  • The onsite technician and the maintenance engineer are always available to solve problems

What sets us apart?

  • We implement the preventive maintenance strategy
  • Permanent surveillance
  • Proper risk evaluation
  • Staff safety
  • We adapt to suit the analyses and needs
  • ISO Standards (9001: 2008, 14001: 2004 18001: 2007)
  • Consumption tracking
  • Quality inspection
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Partnership with TUV Austria Hellas

We are entirely responsible for creating and maintaining excellent operating conditions for the entire photovoltaic park. Upon request, we can also operate the park so you can enjoy the results without worrying about a possible investment gone unprofitable.

In accordance with the relevant regulations, we carry out an annual inspection of the entire power generation system, renew documentations and so on. Upon request, we can proceed to check the earthing and lightning protection to ensure the absence of any kind of risk.

We know all the factors that may influence the efficiency of photovoltaic parks

An important aspect in the maintenance of photovoltaic parks consists of the level of vegetation and rodent population. The lower the level, the more efficient and sustainable the photovoltaic park is. We take concrete and effective measures to remove these natural factors which may endanger the efficiency with which we are accustomed to and which we want you to get used to.

As prevention is one of our golden rules, we constantly monitor the processes. As soon as an anomaly appears or we notice that certain components must be changed, we immediately address the issue. As time goes by, spots can appear on panels, which results in less efficient areas; we identify these spots during an inspection with thermal cameras, we analyse the situation, and intervene whenever we observe the slightest inconsistency.