O&M (Operation and Maintenance) – running a building

Operating an office building (or any other type of building destined for professional or public use) refers to the maintenance activities that are required for the building as a whole to perform optimally. This maintenance is carried out for the benefit of those who use the building, and the beneficial effects can be observed every day.

Things such as safety, comfort, and rational consumption of energy are all taken into account. This last aspect refers to saving the energy used by an office building as a whole.

We, Iliotomi, are a company with experience in determining certain performance parameters related to the operation of a building’s facilities in every office or room, and on that basis we take measures to minimize the resources (that are required) and maximize the benefits (that are obtained).

A given building’s maintenance, in turn, refers to its management, which is a more complex activity than that performed by a simple building caretaker. It means coordinating the activities that take place in the building. To what end? The aim is to optimally exploit everything the building has to offer now that we are in charge of its operation.

Parameter optimization

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