About us

The Iliotomi Grup SRL company was founded in 2003 in Romania, and has since focused on construction works of residential and non-residential buildings. The philosophy of exceeding customer expectations by going the extra mile puts us high up in both the Romanian real estate market and the electricity market.

We always have a positive attitude and aim to get optimal results. We know that the problems we deal with are inevitable, hence we treat them promptly; we always look at the big picture, and we have well-established preventive strategies.

For us, the word “maintenance” refers to the daily activity we perform, towards which all of our resources are aimed. We are one of the factors that secure the success of the business you own or manage. We help you minimize the costs involved in the maintenance of buildings and in operating systems which make buildings functional. Our secondary activity consists of photovoltaic park maintenance.

The operation, maintenance and service are provided by our specialized department, which initially provides the pre-contractual analysis, in order for the solution you choose to be optimal, to involve a minimal amount of resources from us and, of course, minimal costs for you as beneficiary.

We periodically improve the quality of the services we provide – the analyses we perform help us tremendously, as does updating the programs with which we operate and which consist of software used for the programming, streamlining, operating and monitoring of your equipment. We are as rigorous in terms of analysis, as we are open in offering solutions.

Your opinion matters to us!

What defines us is:

Precision It defines us completely
Scrupulosity It's in our nature
Responsability This is how we work
Performance By working hard