Maintenance of the fire prevention system

The risk of fire shouldn’t even exist in a solar park in which photovoltaic panels are installed on a large area! Photovoltaic systems have fire detection and warning equipment. Fire warning equipment have a decisive role in preventing the formation of any fire that would spread over a large area of land.

Iliotomi does not believe in miracles, it makes things happen! We are authorized in the field to assure customers that the fire equipment is tested and fully functional. You, as the owner of a photovoltaic park, are obliged to contract a company like ours to track parameters, check the functionality and make periodic simulations.

Our areas of activity include maintenance services for fire installations that any photovoltaic system is equipped with since its assembly. Fire installations must be maintained by experts who pay special attention to all aspects and have a particularly high responsibility. Any malfunction, however slight, of the fire installations, results enough time for the fire to spread before the intervention can take place.

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