GC Market analysis and consulting

We are amongst the most solid and dynamic companies operating in the transactional markets of electricity and green certificates. This position sets us apart in terms of thorough analyses and consultancy services that actually help our clients. Once you have a photovoltaic park, we will stay as close as possible to help you make the most of the green certificates – subsidies offered by the Romanian state.

We can operate these transactions related to green certificates and generate profit for you, precisely because we are experts in the field. We can therefore help you as follows:

  • We can undergo the legal procedures regarding reports that have to be met under current legislation and any other requirements of the relevant authorities (ANRE)
  • We can help you sign more advantageous sale-purchase contracts for green certificates and energy with an authorized supplier (trader) or anyone in PCCB-NC PZU CMGC (Centralized Green Certificates Market) or PCVCB (Green Certificates Market – Bilateral Contracts) markets.


Energy supply licenses and reports to authorities

You cannot be active on the energy market unless you are properly licensed to supply. Our know-how may come in handy by streamlining the process and helping you prepare all the documents you need to get these licenses. The same goes for license renewal, as they have limited validity.

Last but not least, you should know that you should send periodic reports to ANRE and Transelectrica, and/or whenever you are requested to do so. Fortunately, we can take care of this burdensome issue for you. Indeed, energy is a multifaceted field, but nothing is more satisfying for us than to facilitate these processes for our customers.

Photovoltaic power plant optimization

Photovoltaic power plant construction

TUV Hellas Certification