PRAM certification

Holders of electrical installations are legally obliged, at a certain time interval, to request and undergo an electrical wiring check-up.

PRAM check has already entered the common parlance of those familiar with the field. PRAM measurements are a legal requirement meant to reduce the overload of power circuits, the high degree of equipment wear, the corrosion and ageing of insulation. If these issues are not addressed at the right time, the yield will drop significantly, and the repair costs will be higher and will not have satisfactory results.

The PRAM check entails the inspection of the earthing system and of the lightning conductors. These actions have two clear goals that should be among your priorities: to prevent the risk of electrical shocks in people who use this electrical installation as part of their activity, and to prevent the outbreak of fire in the building and damage to electrical equipment, electronics etc.

The checks we perform have certain standards and norms, and are finalized with certain reports noted in PRAM bulletins. We have all the relevant permits in order to release the much needed PRAM bulletin and to provide you with the safe use of your electrical installations.

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