Fire prevention and extinguishing installations (PSI)

Fire protection is always an implicit measure, and has a long legislative history. Everything is in accordance with Order no. 163/2007 of the Ministry of Administration and Interior. The norms inform, inter alia, about the obligation to award a contract for the maintenance and periodic inspection of the systems and installations that come into play in case of fire.

You obviously need your fire detection and warning systems to function properly, as initially designed. We are experienced enough in this respect to promote ourselves as the ones you should sign a contract with.

The aim of the services we provide is to ensure the optimal functioning of these systems through preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance. Therefore, the risk of fire is kept to a minimum, since we cover these three major facets.

What does Iliotomi provide? We provide both authorized service and maintenance of the fire prevention and extinguishing installations (PSI), with a rate set by general technical standards and in-house quality standards.

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