TUVAustria Hellas Certification

As a leader in certification and inspection activities, TUV Austria Hellas offers its services to the largest producers of conventional and renewable energy in the world through specialized inspectors.


  • It increases the investment’s value;
  • It eliminates the risk of changing expected revenues and affecting the planned cash-flow;
  • It provides a quality standard for the ongoing projects which are already funded or will be funded;
  • It is mandatory for the insurance and reinsurance of the projects by international companies;
  • Revenue growth by standardizing operating procedures and maintenance;
  • Prerequisite for project sales to international investment funds;
  • Secure and internationally accepted evaluation for refinancing projects;


  • To check the integrity and reliability of the system;
  • To optimize reliability in project implementation;
  • For increased reliability of the investment;
  • To verify the accuracy of project implementation by a recognized international certification body

Photovoltaic power plant optimization

Photovoltaic power plant construction

TUV Hellas Certification


  • Checking and measuring low voltage circuits (in compliance with EN 62446: 2009. IEC 60364, HD 384, EN 62305);
  • Checking and measuring medium and high voltage circuits (transformers, ground sockets, cables, switches);
  • Special measurements for medium and high voltage circuits;
  • Expertise;
  • Performance measurements of photovoltaic panels;
  • Solutions for solving problems;
  • Internal Audit
  • Inspection and certification of support structures in compliance with RuroCode 1.3 and 9;
  • Initial and periodic inspection based on EN 62446: 2009 standard (ESYD accredited service). Issuing the certificate attesting the compliance of the installation with the EN 62446: 2009 standard;
  • Visual inspection (mounting structure, cables, IP protections, clamps);
  • Infrared scanning using certified thermographic equipment (electrical panels, cables, connectors, photovoltaic panels)